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[Registration] Shooter Trio Championship!

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Team Name: La madafakas
Captain Discord: waheebaloshari
Team Players & MTA Serial:

Eleven - A0CBB50E6AA6B11B8A2FABA4484681E4

TurBo -  69C2D6416643A8FC414D4FFF7281D842

Team Color & tag: [MAD] - b09076
Reserve : FALT3N🙈 / Monspeet

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Team Name: Team Gardeners
Captain Discord: smeexy (RESERVE CAPITAN: dice5598)
Team Players & MTA Serial:

- Dice (3FD72AB55C2064FF9F2EEAF4152D3C12)

- preciouslawnmower (serial to be added)

- CYKZ (serial to be added)
Team Color & tag: #984e35 - TG'
Reserve (Optional): VITAL RESERVE.

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