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    1. Your Nickname: xilent 2. Your Serial: 276E35F1C0E2B59B48429BD36102C094 3. Admin's Nickname: Evo 4. Server: The Favoured Few 5. Ban / Mute Period: unknown 6. Ban / Mute Reason: *try another coffee shop* 7. Explaination: ?? Hello guys, i still dont know what did i do to deserve a ban, I'm sorry if i hurt someone, can i get a real reason or smth? Maybe an unban..
  3. Nao

    Reporting Virtus

    Name of the clan will be changed no need further discussions we already said couple times to avoid politics.
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  5. 1. Tell us about yourself(Personality, Where you're from?, How old are you?). My Name is Lucien and I am 30 years old. I live in a Village called "Salzgitter", thats near to "Braunschweig" in Germany My hobbies are driving, chilling with friends, playing and working. I work in a printing company called "Westermann". We produce atlases, school books and other little things such as German car magazines called "GRIP" 2. Tell us about your MTA history briefly. Firstly, I began with playing SA:MP roleplay Eleven years ago in Autumn 2012. Then in Winter 2012 i heared something about MTA:SA DM Race. I downloaded it an directly began serching DM servers. as i found "Xtreme Players" [XP] DM server i was extremely suprised what they can do with GTA:SA. I fell in love with this game. In the beginning it was hard to learn steering but I learned fastly so i was a well driver in about a half year. As I thought i would be good enough i tried my luck at [XP] and i got accepted. I played there many hours with my friends and i had a lot of fun there. As the clan was getting shitty we left and me and my friends opened a new Clan called "Project Evolution" ~//PE But it wasnt going well so we closed it after 1 month. Then another friend asked me to join his clan "Dope Gaming" -|DG|- . There werent many people, so i was a big help for them. Then the Leader went inactive he firstly gave the lead to his Co-Leader. But it didnt worked good so we closed the clan. After that i went inactive. After about a half year of taking a break of MTA i started playing again. then i searched for some new servers for a while and found some servers like -FFS-, /TfF\ and #ER. I played a lot there but then i wanted to be in a clan again. I found the "Eye for an Eye" EfE# servers and from time to time i liked playing there. The clan looked great so i tried my luck. First time as I took my chance to join it i got declined. Ambitious as I am I tried it again and after a while of heavy activity I finally got accepted in EfE#. Some months later I left it cause of some Personal problems. After a while of inactivity i played now on TfF. There i heared about VIP reopening and i was intrested in it. I joined "Very Important Players" >VIP< , and it was growing up to be great again. Then there were been some problems and after 2 or 3 weeks i left it because of the leadership. Now Im playing on "The favoured Few" /TfF\ for a while and it makes lots of fun 3. Tell us about your previous clans and reason for departure. Xtreme Players - Closed Dope Gaming - Closed Eye for an Eye - Personal reasons Very Important Players - Personal reasons Underground Crew - Personal reasons Project Evolution- Closed 4. Why do you want to join "The Favoured Few"? Why I want to join TFF because I still know people from back then and I like playing with them than playing alone and I would like to meet new people. I admire this cool and strong community of TFF. I have only had good experiences with the people and that's why I would like to join. 5. How can you be useful for "The Favoured Few"? Well thats a good question. I am a friendly, polite person who always tries to keep calm. Im good in getting in touch with people and calming them down if there is a dispute or conflict. Also I am good in getting alternative solutions in case of any problems. 6. Why should we choose You over other applicants? Because I am a very loyal person, I am fair and respectful at all times. I have a lot of fun and I'm not the type of person who freaks out over every little thing. And if something doesn't work out, I keep a cool head and tackle the problem and try to solve it. 7. Something to add.(Discord, Optional) Discord: xCRYz0r
  6. THE FAVOURED FEW LOGS / STAFF CHANGES Update #81 Date: 04/12/2023 NEW MEMBERS @ArMexy has been given trial member. @Skaarj has been given trial member. @Zebra has been given trial member. @Condom has been given trial member. @TheDragonKpop has been given trial member. NEW SQUAD MEMBER @Spacy has joined hdm squad. Welcome to our clan ! KICKS @WazeR has been kicked for inactivity. @danone has been kicked for inactivity. Good Luck and take care !
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  8. My fav hijabi all the best habibi
  9. Hello everyone! After an 11-year hiatus from releasing maps, I'm thrilled to be back in the mapping scene with my latest creation, Timeless. It's incredible to think that when I first released a map, I was just 12 years old. Now, at 24, returning to this brings a flood of nostalgia for the good old days of MTA. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every individual I've encountered throughout this journey, especially those from Nitrous Racing (xN). Your support and your friendship have meant the world to me. Thank you all so much for joining me on this ride. Your presence and shared experiences have made this journey truly unforgettable.
  10. Ross

    Reporting Virtus

    you mad like a hoe and mind you own business , because he can name clan to anything that's the rules
  11. 1. Tell us about yourself(Personality, Where you're from?, How old are you?). My name's Roberto, Germany, 24 2. Tell us about your MTA history briefly. My journey started around 2012 on the very first SHC// server and since then been playing this game. Joined and left lots of clans, retired way too often and most importantly met lots of good friends and made mostly good memories in these ~10 years. It's no secret that I've not really been playing this game at all and instead invested a lot of time in other games and consoles, but never managed to find quiet an unique experience like MTA. I can confidently say that this game & its community is irreplacable. So here I am, trying to be a bit more active and be a part of this community. 3. Tell us about your previous clans and reason for departure. SoR! - closed xN# - left ER# - left -ffs- - left syn# - left / retired 4. Why do you want to join "The Favoured Few"? Ever since I know this clan & server I always felt welcomed here, no matter which clan I was part of. Made tons of fun memories and spending time on the server always meant a lot to me no matter how big the playerbase at the time was. Seeing all old friends and people I remember from previous clans and servers simply brings me joy and makes me wanna reconnect with this community. I wanna be part of this community and have some fun every now and then to get distracted from the busy and fast world we live in today. 5. How can you be useful for "The Favoured Few"? In the past decade I've gained a lot of experience in administrating a server, played quiet a few clanwars. I'd consider myself a flexible administrator, open for different tasks. 6. Why should we choose You over other applicants? You probably shouldn't. My work requires me to sometimes work on weekends, making it hard to take part or even prepare for events / clanwars. In general my work time varies a lot so it's out of my power to spend a lot of time being useful. If you're looking for a guy that is still fast on classical maps and knows how to manage a player base, here I am.
  12. Omar!

    Reporting Virtus

    I created the clan, your army killed over 30K civilians from kids and women because that's the only way to get a fake victory as they can't face hamas even with your america xd terrorists ye?
  13. rinki

    Reporting Virtus

    retardation level is insane
  14. youre the terror idiot jesus
  15. Last week
  16. FORUM PORTAL , CHAT VOICE MESSAGE , FORUM STORIES Click here if you want to watch with high qaulity Dear TfF community, I am bringing you the following idea FORUM PORTAL Portal is a platform that collects information from different sources into a single user interface and presents users with the most popular topics What is new? VOICE CHAT, it would be fantastic if there is any possibility to make people able to send voice message in chat, it would make it more active and more effective! FORUM STORIES Stories is an immersive creative format that enables people to view and share everyday moments through photos and videos that disappear (unless saved) within 24 hours. This thing is widespread on social media, and until this moment no one has tried to bring it to video games. In my opinion, something like this would make the forum more attractive. Wish you enjoy it Regards Mor0. Any correction or construction is acceptable and we can discuss it
  17. 1. Your Nickname: xDarkN 2. Admin / Player Nickname: Virtus 3. Reason: Creatoing a clan named "Hamas <3" which for those who dont know is a terror organization that killed 1400 people on 7th of october and kidnapped 230 People . so yea thats enough 4. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/gEoJNi4 5. Something to add: ( Optional ) Nope
  18. This case has really spiraled out of control. On the first screenshot posted by Qlimax, it can be seen that Cykz didn't aim this towards a certain individual, but instead towards a larger group of players. Without any further evidence regarding that section, it's hard to come to a conclusion, that Cykz was aiming this towards a certain group of players, so that screenshot will be marked as invalid. Going forward with the rest of the evidence that has been provided, Cykz will be nonetheless muted for 7 days for extremely toxic behavior, as the evidence that was provided by Qlimax, was enough to back up his accusations, while the defending side had accusations without any evidence to show for it. I highly recommend both sides to go 0 contact from now on, as it can be clearly seen that this can't be resolved in private. Use "/ignore" to ignore the other side.
  19. my fav Belarus always wise in ur words, stop cry and use /ignore QlimaX
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