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  1. Nao

    LuFFy unban request

    someone will unban you
  2. Nao

    LuFFy unban request

    Tired of waiting for xpr ?
  3. Hello Everyone, Today i release my v4 which was started few years ago but never had motivation to finish it. Thanks to Aquil, Evo, ZJK, Nurzz and others who helped specially with deco! And big thanks to Gerc for this awesome video!
  4. Bro, I want to pay $50 to have an infinite donor

  5. unbanned make sure to don't try exploit models anymore i don't believe it's false positive
  6. Banned 20 days for ping abuse
  7. Stop doing useless reports or you will get perma
  8. Nao

    Bug donations

    [24-01-21 22:40:25] Facebook has been awarded TFC500 for donating. [DONATION LOGS]
  9. Nao

    Bug donations

    last donation: others we didn't received anything.
  10. Nao

    Unban Request Sheka

    Hum, doubt its a false positive, out of 100 players you got detected because you edited the model folder in read only, or 2nd option is you don't have space on your hard drive anymore
  11. Nao


    Useless discussion, we will remove your warn since he through it was someone else.
  12. Here we go you end with 3 days ban for your attitude, keep going and i increase
  13. Welcome back to mapping legend, nice map specially the deco
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