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2nd try for TFF


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 1. Tell us about yourself(Personality, Where you're from?, How old are you?).

 My Name is Lucien and I am 30 years old.

 I live in a Village called "Salzgitter", thats near to "Braunschweig" in Germany
 My hobbies are driving, chilling with friends, playing and working.
I work in a printing company called "Westermann". We produce atlases, school books and other little things such as German car magazines called "GRIP"


2. Tell us about your MTA history briefly.

    Firstly, I began with playing SA:MP roleplay Eleven years ago in Autumn 2012.
    Then in Winter 2012 i heared something about MTA:SA DM Race.
    I downloaded it an directly began serching DM servers.
    as i  found "Xtreme Players" [XP] DM server i was extremely suprised what they can do with GTA:SA.
    I fell in love with this game.
    In the beginning it was hard to learn steering but I learned fastly so i was a well driver in about a half year.
    As I thought i would be good enough i tried my luck at [XP] and i got accepted.
    I played there many hours with my friends and i had a lot of fun there.
    As the clan was getting shitty we left and me and my friends opened a new Clan called "Project Evolution" ~//PE 
    But it wasnt going well so we closed it after 1 month.
    Then another friend asked me to join his clan "Dope Gaming" -|DG|- .
    There werent many people, so i was a big help for them.
    Then the Leader went inactive he firstly gave the lead to his Co-Leader.
    But it didnt worked good so we closed the clan.
    After that i went inactive.
    After about a half year of taking a break of MTA i started playing again.
    then i searched for some new servers for a while and found some servers like -FFS-, /TfF\ and #ER.
    I played a lot there but then i wanted to be in a clan again.
    I found the "Eye for an Eye" EfE# servers and from time to time i liked playing there.
    The clan looked great so i tried my luck.
    First time as I took my chance to join it i got declined.
    Ambitious as I am I tried it again and after a while of heavy activity I finally got accepted in EfE#.
    Some months later I left it cause of some Personal problems.
    After a while of inactivity i played now on TfF.
    There i heared about VIP reopening and i was intrested in it.
    I joined "Very Important Players" >VIP< , and it was growing up to be great again.
    Then there were been some problems and after 2 or 3 weeks i left it because of the leadership.
    Now Im playing on "The favoured Few" /TfF\ for a while and it makes lots of fun  


      3. Tell us about your previous clans and reason for departure.
             Xtreme Players - Closed

             Dope  Gaming - Closed 
          Eye for an Eye - Personal reasons
      Very Important Players - Personal reasons
        Underground Crew - Personal reasons
          Project Evolution- Closed


4. Why do you want to join "The Favoured Few"?

Why I want to join TFF because I still know people from back then and I like playing with them than playing alone 
   and I would like to meet new people. 
   I admire this cool and strong community of TFF. 
   I have only had good experiences with the people and that's why I would like to join.


5. How can you be useful for "The Favoured Few"?
   Well thats a good question.
    I am a friendly, polite person who always tries to keep calm.
    Im good in getting in touch with people and calming them down if there is a dispute or conflict.
    Also I am good in getting alternative solutions in case of any problems.


6. Why should we choose You over other applicants?
   Because I am a very loyal person, I am fair and respectful at all times. 
   I have a lot of fun and I'm not the type of person who freaks out over every little thing. 
   And if something doesn't work out, I keep a cool head and tackle the problem and try to solve it.


7. Something to add.(Discord, Optional)

               Discord: xCRYz0r

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