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Tournament Format and Rules. - Shooter Trio Championship.

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The format of Shooter Trio Championship will be as following:



Group Stage

First part of the tournament will consist of a group stage, which will be the qualifying games for the Round of 16. Here, each group has 5 teams and only 4 teams will qualify to the next stage. The Last Placed team will be eliminated from the tournament, with no further matches to play.


In-case more than one team end up with the exact number of matches won, the team with the most extra rounds won will get a better placement in the ranking of their

respective group. make sure to win as many rounds as you can in your games, this will guarantee that your team will be qualifiying to the next stage in-case your team ends the group stage tied with another team in number of matches won/lost.


Games in Group Stage are all Best of 1, with no possibility to make it Best of 3.


Round of 16

Second part of the tournament is even easier to understand. It's a Round of 16, with a single-elimination bracket, if your team loses, you're out of the tournament.


Round of 16 Games are Best of 1 but if both teams agree on having a Best of 3, we will do as they wish.



Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals & The Grand Final.

Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals & The Grand Final are all going to be played as Best of 3.



    This table contains instructions that you need to know and the rules you must follow during the tournament.

    All Tournament Matches are going to be streamed or recorded and later uploaded on Youtube.



  • Both team players and referees are the only ones who are allowed to speak in main chat.
  • Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute.
  • Players cannot be punished without a warning.
  • Keep the main chat as clean as possible.


  • Only the listed players are allowed to play.
  • Players are not able to play for more than 1 team.
  • It's not allowed to use any form of cheating/glitching that give you an unfair advantage.
  • If anyone is cheating/hacking, he will be banned and disqualified.
  • If participant times out before the map starts, we wait for 2 minutes. If he doesn't attend back, he gets replaced.
  • If participant times out 15 seconds after the map started, we will free the round.
  • If someone is lagging too much, a reserve player will replace him until the player gets a stable ping.
  • If map durations expire before the last players died, the round is going to be restarted, only last players will keep playing.
  • If one of both teams doesn't present on the server at specified date and time, the team on the server wins by w.o.
  • If both teams don't present on the server at specified date and time, the match will be postponed and the date will be chosen by the organizers.
  • Standby time is 10 minutes for late players.



  • Low Jump is the chosen gamemode for this tournament.
  • Ground-Kills are allowed.
  • Map duration is 5 minutes long.
  • Mods that affect gameplay are prohibited.
  • In case of camping, participant will be blown up and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him in the team roster.
  • If map durations expires before the last players died, the round is going to be restarted and only the last players will keep playing.
  • Ghostmode is disabled.
  • FPS Limiter command on F8 (fps_limit=value) is allowed, but the allowed values are: Minimum of 50, Maximum of 60.
  • FPS Warnings & Kicks: Minimum of 45, Maximum of 60.
  • Ping Warnings & Kicks: Maximum of 350, or a spike of 50ms above your average ping.
  • If we caught anyone abusing any of the 3 last rules mentioned above, the individual will be banned and removed from the tournament.




  • All maps are gonna be played with Infernus, no other vehicle is allowed.
  • Event organization team will provide a good variety of shooter maps before the tournament starts.
  • For this Shooter Tournament, we will be introducing the Picks & Bans.



Picks & Bans + Map Sequence.


Here's an example, of how our Picks & Bans and Map Sequence in server are gonna work:


We will give Team Captain's two choices:
1. Be the first to Pick & Ban but sacrifice choosing the Map Sequence of the match.
2. Be the second on Picks & Bans, but choose which Map Sequence we will follow throughout the match, which includes choosing the order of your opponent's maplist.


If both captains don't get into an agreement, Organizers will randomize a number and the winning captain chooses what he wants.

After the Captain's decide what they want, we skip to the Picks & Bans.




Picks & Bans Example:


Each Team will pick 3 different maps from Tournament maplist and then we prooced to Picks & Bans.

First Part is Picking a Definitive map. A definitive map is the only map out of the 3 chosen by your team that can't be banned.

Second Part is Banning one of the 2 left maps of your opponent's picks.

Third Part cointains the maps that are going to be played throughout the match.



The Favoured Few
Tobster - The Castle
The Favoured Few
PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2
The Favoured Few
Katamaran - High Jump
Tobster - Kamikaze
TurBo ft. Nebla ft. ZeRoXy - zNation
RuzikA - ShoT in your ass
TFF Definitive Pick
Tobster - The Castle
Syn Definitive Pick
Tobster - Kamikaze
TurBo, Nebla, ZeroXy - zNation
Syn Ban
PREDATOR - Phenomenal 2
TFF Last Standing Map
Katamaran - High Jump
Syn Last Standing Map
RuzikA - ShoT in your ass
Final Maps
5x - Tobster - The Castle (Syn) 
5x - Tobster - Kamikaze (TFF)
5x - Katamaran - High Jump (Syn)
5x - RuzikA - ShoT in your ass (TFF)
The map sequence will be choosen by the 2nd team to Picks & Bans.

We have 2 options of Map Sequences:

10-10 or 5-5-5-5


Last Update: 01/12/2023.

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