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1. Tell us about yourself(Personality, Where you're from?, How old are you?):


My real name is Bruno, mostly known as ArMexy in-game. I am 27 years old and living in Brazil.

2. Tell us about your MTA history briefly:

My gaming journey commenced in early 2011 on the -XIII- (Lucky 13) server, marking the inception of my career as a player. -XIII- not only honed my vehicular control skills but also instilled in me the importance of proper interpersonal communication. I transitioned to Twisted Gamers, a move that filled me with pride given the clan's esteemed reputation. However, changes ensued as APs and TulioTC, my closest associates, opted to depart. Undeterred, I remained committed to Twisted Gamers until discord with the leader, Tommeh, surfaced. While my departure was marked by discussions with the leader, Tommeh, I remain indebted to Twisted Gamers for the positive experiences it provided. Despite the enticing allure of other servers, my loyalty lay firmly with FFS, where I have continued to shape my gaming career since that pivotal decision.

3. Tell us about your previous clans and reason for departure.


xG| ( Xtreme Gamers ) – (01.01.2012 – 01.09.2012)
-|TG|- ( Twisted Gamers ) – (01.11.2012 – 17.08.2013)
-ffs- ( For Fuck Sake ) – (01.01.2014 – 15.08.2016)

-ffs- ( For Fuck Sake ) – ( 29.06.2017 – 05.07.2022)

And yes, I joined twice in -ffs-.

PS: the dates might not be fully correct.

4. Why do you want to join "The Favoured Few"?


The primary motivation behind my desire to join TFF is rooted in the distinctive character of both the clan and its community, setting it apart from others in the gaming realm. TFF boasts meticulously crafted, original, and unique game modes, a testament to the creative ingenuity of its development team. The receptive nature of TFF members to player ideas, actively seeking and implementing suggestions, is a quality I hold in high regard. The continuous growth of the clan, orchestrated by the diligent efforts of leaders/members, particularly Nao & Members, is something I deeply appreciate.

5. How can you be useful for "The Favoured Few"?


I bring a wealth of experience, not only in navigating the intricacies of server control but also in fostering a positive community atmosphere. Handling reports, contributing ideas, and providing unwavering support to the team are areas where I am well-versed. My tenure as a clan manager during my administrative role imparted invaluable lessons, broadening my understanding of server dynamics. The administrative responsibilities I undertook, particularly in organizing events, encapsulate the essence of what I sought to cultivate in my career.


6. Why should we choose You over other applicants?

I gay

7. Something to add.(Discord, Optional)
Discord: ArMexy

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