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SH / CTF Suggestions


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  • Team colors - client sided feature to allow users toggle on / off team vehicle colors to better identify teammates from afar.
    • Custom garage colors can match opponent team colors, thus it becomes confusing and frankly broken.
  • Teammate rocket collision on CTF should be turned off to prevent trolling.
    • Hitting teammate throws their car to either of sides and it ruins gameplay, especially if it is intentional.
  • Jump function is pretty broken right now as the script is not made in traditional way for some reason.
    • If you click jump button quick enough you can jump up to 2-3 times higher.
    • Clicking jump button near walls allow you to climb them effortlessly.
  • Anti-KMZ on CTF should be a thing, tho a controversial topic, it still has less flaws than not having it.
    • Prevents camping on flag, around corners, targetting etc.
  • Perk system on shooter - not all of the currently available perks on power derby, but most would be fun addition to shooter.
  • Limitations on ping spike and/or maximum ping allowed in arena, same for FPS with 3 warnings.
  • Function to display FPS / PING on top of vehicles (/showfps [id] & /showping [id]).
  • Allow jumping during spawn protection and limit only firing rockets.
  • Make AFK warning timer longer, pretty annoying have it so low.


probably missed out a  few, because wrote them in one go, if you spot something mention it below the post 

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