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Suggestion Stuntage.

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Hello everyone..
I want to suggest something new to the server. Well apart from all the ROMS, We want something new and exciting!
well what is it?
: it's Stuntage.
What is Stuntage, Stuntage players perform easy and Hard,difficult tasks and some nice tricks you need to reach the desired point. To get some official points!

If Stuntage is added, The Favoured Few server will be great and it will have some players from different servers 
If you like the idea, I hope you put the comment or like
My Regards, Officials The Favoured Few. 

Thank you all for your time!💝

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On 5/4/2024 at 10:30 PM, QUASH said:

Nickname: *YaSsuo#!
Serial: 57FA3F5F5DF2998E8964F2811D9AFD12
When were you banned/muted: Today.
What was the reason for your ban/mute:: Abusing with hack stuntage
For how long have you been banned/muted:: perma
Who banned/muted you::-ffs-Manic
Additional text: It was just a mistake


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