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Eyecatcher's Join Request


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1. Tell us about yourself(Personality, Where you're from?, How old are you?).


My name's Roberto, Germany, 24

2. Tell us about your MTA history briefly.


My journey started around 2012 on the very first SHC// server and since then been playing this game. Joined and left lots of clans, retired way too often and most importantly met lots of good friends and made mostly good memories in these ~10 years. It's no secret that I've not really been playing this game at all and instead invested a lot of time in other games and consoles,  but never managed to find quiet an unique experience like MTA. I can confidently say that this game & its community is irreplacable. So here I am, trying to be a bit more active and be a part of this community.

3. Tell us about your previous clans and reason for departure.

SoR! - closed

xN# - left

ER# - left

-ffs- - left

syn# - left / retired

4. Why do you want to join "The Favoured Few"?


Ever since I know this clan & server I always felt welcomed here, no matter which clan I was part of.

Made tons of fun memories and spending time on the server always meant a lot to me no matter how big the playerbase at the time was.

Seeing all old friends and people I remember from previous clans and servers simply brings me joy and makes me wanna reconnect with this community.

I wanna be part of this community and have some fun every now and then to get distracted from the busy and fast world we live in today.

5. How can you be useful for "The Favoured Few"?


In the past decade I've gained a lot of experience in administrating a server, played quiet a few clanwars. I'd consider myself a flexible administrator, open for different tasks.

6. Why should we choose You over other applicants?


You probably shouldn't. My work requires me to sometimes work on weekends, making it hard to take part or even prepare for events / clanwars.

In general my work time varies a lot so it's out of my power to spend a lot of time being useful.

If you're looking for a guy that is still fast on classical maps and knows how to manage a player base, here I am.

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